A food rescue charity run by youth, positively
impacting the environment and our community.

Who Are We

Established in 2018, FoodFilled is a youth-led food rescue charity dedicated to combating food wastage and alleviating hunger. We save 10,000+ kilos of perfectly edible food every month to feed more than 20,000 people in need and boast an ever-growing network of volunteers and partners.

Group photo of the young professional volunteers that run FoodFilled
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How it Works

FoodFilled volunteers with soupangel partner

Step 1: Jump in the Car

Our volunteers make their way to one of our retail partners

Volunteers with a boot full of ingredients

Step 2: Rescue Food

Volunteers retrieve the leftover food, saving valuable resources from ending up in landfill

Volunteers with bags of donated bread

Step 3: Deliver

Volunteers head to one of our charity partners to drop off the food, providing immediate relief for those experiencing food insecurity

Get Involved

Volunteering with FoodFilled is not only rewarding but also fun! Volunteering can be conducted with a friend or family member to make the experience even more enjoyable. Check the link below to see if you're eligible to help out, meet some awesome people and give back to our community.

Our Partners

Here are just a few of our friends, helping us deliver on our mission. Each one of our charity partners, retailers and supporters are working to help us fight food insecurity and safeguard our planet.

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