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Our Story

Foodfilled Was Established In 2018
With The Vision To Assist The Underprivileged

Walking down the streets of our local communities, past garbage bins overflowing with perfectly good food, we saw a pressing problem. In Australia, food retailers discard copious amounts of food each day whilst over 4 million Aussies go hungry every year. This is exactly what we want to change.

In September 2018, we established FoodFilled; a not-for-profit devoted to combating food wastage and hunger. Initially, our mission was to start small and provide support to our local communities, partnering with independent bakeries, cafes and restaurants.

What started as a few friends transporting small parcels of food to local charities is now comprised of hundreds of volunteers delivering tonnes of food each year. Today, FoodFilled has a dynamic and diverse community of volunteers including a large cohort of university students committed to making a difference.

Over time, FoodFilled's impact has continued to multiply. We have helped improve the lives of over a 100,000 Victorians, now feeding nearly 10,000 people every month. Currently, we work with charities supporting youth in crisis, asylum seekers, the homeless, people escaping abusive environments and residing in rehabilitation centres, as well as the elderly and vulnerable.

We're also just getting started. We have big aspirations for the future and plan to continue to grow rapidly and expand our reach, charity relationships and retail partnerships.

Our Impact

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The Team


Belinda Goldman

Chief Executive Officer

As Co-founder of FoodFilled, Belle understands the importance of making fresh and nutritious food accessible to everyone.

Belle's main focus is on preserving invaluable resources and improving people’s lives. She believes that Foodfilled has the capacity to alleviate hunger and help those in need.

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Chloé Chiappa

Logistics Co-ordinator

Chloé began volunteering with FoodFilled in 2021, wishing to put her free time to use by meaningfully giving back to community. She has since joined the team as Logistics Co-Ordinator. As a pre-service teacher, Chloé is passionate about educating fellow young people on sustainability and opportunities in food security. She is excited to see how future efforts will expand FoodFilled’s reach in this space.


Benjamin Michelson

Director of Partnerships

Benjamin started FoodFilled in September 2018, when he realised the importance of minimising food wastage to both help the environment and people in need. ​

Benjamin really believes in this organisation's vision, and sees it has endless potential.


Kulaghan Kumaradevan

Regional Manager - South/East


With the shared desire of curbing food wastage and helping feed people in need, Kulaghan began volunteering with FoodFilled in 2021. He believes that every little act of service contributes to the betterment of society. As FoodFilled grows to further support communities across Melbourne, Kulaghan is responsible for developing new retailer and charity partnerships and overseeing donations in the Southeastern suburbs.


Mai Shibi

Logistics Co-ordinator

Mai has been volunteering for FoodFilled since October 2019, and has enjoyed seeing the gratitude of those receiving food, and appreciating how much food drop offs can make a difference!

Mai is in charge of organising volunteer rosters and new recruitment, and believes FoodFilled can help many businesses get rid of food waste sustainably and feed plenty of people who are going hungry.

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Aviva Ghandler

Logistics Co-ordinator

After working for many years in hospitality, Aviva is passionate about saving food and ensuring that the resources and labour required to make that food is not wasted. Aviva is excited to contribute to the creation of circular systems within the Melbourne community. As Logistics Co-Ordinator she hopes she can help make life a little more nourishing for everyone.


Daniel Goodman

Strategy & Finance

Daniel joined FoodFilled in 2021, at a time of exciting growth for the organisation. With several years of experience in banking and finance at NAB, Daniel will be providing strategic advice and contributing to the financial management of FoodFilled.

Daniel is passionate about driving effective social impact and providing a positive contribution to the community.