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Volunteering with FoodFilled presents a unique and meaningful opportunity; one that provides an immediate positive impact to the most vulnerable in our community.

Our volunteers are highly respected members of the FoodFilled community. Without volunteers, FoodFilled wouldn’t be able to exist. Hence, from the moment someone expresses interest in volunteering with us, we aim to provide a smooth and rewarding experience.

Our volunteers are primarily responsible for the distribution of our rescued food. This involves retrieving food from retailers and then delivering it to one of our partner charities.

At FoodFilled, we are committed to giving back to our volunteers. We do this through a variety of initiatives, including gift boxes, recognition and rewards for volunteer of the month as well as the FoodFilled cafe.

Want to be a part of something special? Volunteer with us!

Two volunteers carrying a heavy tray

Volunteer Application Form

This form is for those who wish to express their interest in volunteering for FoodFilled and assist with related activities. We encourage involvement on a fortnightly basis to create a sense of community, ensuring that you can form rewarding relationships and get the most out of your time helping out at FoodFilled.

Most of our volunteering requires driving to one of our retailers to collect the leftover food or donated stock and dropping it off at one of our charity partners.
We encourage carpooling with other volunteers or friends and family members. Set yourself up with some fun tunes and maximise the enjoyment of giving back to those in need.
Volunteering is not only for younger people. We have a diverse community of volunteers, from all different areas and demographics. The one commonality among our volunteers is the passion for helping others.

If you're interested in joining the FoodFilled family, enter your details below and click the next button to proceed to the following page of the form.

The form should take 5 minutes to complete.

Volunteer Application