Supporting Melbourne
And Having Fun

Volunteering with FoodFilled presents a unique and meaningful opportunity; one that provides an immediate positive impact to the most vulnerable in our community.


Our volunteers aren't just helpers; they're esteemed members of the FoodFilled community, without whom our mission couldn't be fulfilled. When you volunteer with us, you'll find yourself engaged in various tasks, primarily centered around collecting surplus food from our retail partners and ensuring it reaches our recipient partners. It's a hands-on experience that directly impacts people's lives, and it's made even better when shared with other volunteers, family members or friends.


Volunteering is not only for younger people. We have a diverse community of volunteers, from all different areas and demographics. The one commonality among our volunteers is the passion for helping others.


In essence, volunteering with FoodFilled isn't just about the tasks you perform; it's about the relationships you build, the impact you make, and the sense of fulfillment you gain knowing that you're part of something truly meaningful.


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Two volunteers carrying a heavy tray

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