The Why

People In Australia Living Under The Poverty Line, 13.6%
Children In Australia Living Under The Poverty Line 17.7%!
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Why Do We Exist

Over 13% Of Australians Are Under The International Poverty Line

Having consistent access to food is a basic human need and FoodFilled’s mission is to endeavour to make this a reality for all Australians. Particularly since COVID-19, the ‘why’ has answered itself. FoodFilled’s work has been essential during some of the hardest times in our community’s history, with more people than ever before struggling to feed themselves and their families.

As a charity, our goal is also to improve the environment and safeguard our planet. Currently in Australia, 7.3 million tonnes of food is discarded each year, accounting for 5% of yearly greenhouse gas emissions. By saving perfectly good food and redistributing it to people in need, we are able to fight two pressing societal issues; food insecurity and environmental sustainability.

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